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AutoCAD Architecture
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Robot Structural Analysis Professional
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I am a knowledgeable professional whose career includes over 18 years of Architecture and Structural CAD management and four year as a Technical Specialist.  A proactive, high-energetic individual with over two years as a certified CAD software instructor and over 18 years in the Architectural and Structural field.  Excellent organizational, time management and leadership skills, coupled with the ability to build and manage creative teams.  The ability to think clearly and objectively, rapidly assess the problem at hand and providing solutions.

Design Knowledge

Masonry Applications

Architectural, Structural, Site and Civil Technology

Conceptual Planning

Construction Techniques

Steel, Concrete Design and Detailing

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Mechanical Design

IT Consulting

Creation and Presentation of Demonstrations, Seminars and Workshops


Design / Documentation

Residential and Commercial Construction

Building Codes and ADA Specifications

3D Modeling

Professional Strengths

Software and BIM Implementation

Educational Services

Team Building and Management

Standards and Template Creation

Training and Technical Support

CAD / BIM Consulting

IT Consulting

Creation and Presentation of Demonstrations, Seminars and Workshops

Business Process Consulting

3D Animation Presentations and Movies

Rendering and Graphic Generation

BIM Management and Implementation


“Revit Structure 2010: A New Look and a Lot More” - AUGIWorld Issue 2/ 2009

“Revit Structure Extensions” - AUGIWorld Issue 3/ 2009

“Achieving the “Wow” Factor in Revit Structure Models” - AUGIWorld Issue 4/ 2009

“A Closer Look at Extensions” - AUGIWorld Issue July/August 2010


"Robert Coutu knows more about Autodesk products than anyone I've ever met. With his guidance, many staff members were able to save time in their projects. Every design team that has worked with Robert welcomed him as part of the team because of his willingness to share his expertise, and because he is easy to work with. Robert is mature, disciplined, sensitive to others, and very serious about his work. I highly recommend Robert Coutu to help you with CAD training of your staff, and with the execution of all your CAD projects, whether it's with AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS Max, or some other computer design program.”"

Ryszard Szczypek

"Robert Coutu has played a vital role at TSKP over the last six months as we have moved forward to implement the use of BIM on most current projects. Bringing his many years as a Revit and AutoCAD Trainer, Rob led training sessions for staff, introduction them to Revit, and then continued to provide more advanced training along with a great deal of 'over-the-shoulder' guidance as they began working with it on real projects. His help and guidance has been invaluable to the firm, both individually and in dealing with the inevitable challenges of integrating Revit with office hardware and software. In addition, Rob assisted with development of a number of 3-D modeling efforts for both marketing and project presentation purposes, using a combination of Revit, 3-D Max, and other modeling software. Rob is very personable and adapted well to the culture of the office. He would be an asset to any firm. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. Sincerely, T. Whitcomb Iglehart, AIA"

T. Whitcomb Iglehart, AIA

"Working with Rob, was always a comforting feeling, as he is extremly thorough, and consistant, with his ability to deliver services higher than the client expectations. We could always count on him to consult others in the AEC industry in almost every Verticle with ease. Rob is very eager for knowledge, and has the talent to excel in any division that he puts his mind too."

Melina Taylor, Client Services / Technical Specialist

"Recently, I have been working with Robert in Microdesk’s East Berlin, Connecticut office. As an Account Executive for technology products and services I have found Robert to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and with the upmost ability. Robert is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits of our technology. He has successfully developed several sales presentations for our company that have resulted in increased revenue for our Connecticut office. Though he was an asset to our sales efforts, Robert was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. In addition to writing effective training modules for sales representatives, Robert also educated our organization with his technical sessions which was invaluable."

Gino Padula, Account Executive

"Robert is a very knowledgeable within the BIM industry. He was able to support and provide assistance and training to our client's needs in the architectural and structural fields as well as assist in other sectors of our industry. His ability to figure out problems as well as introduce new methods and ideas was very helpful and greatly appreciated among his coworkers and clients. Robert is extremely personable and very well spoken. He can provide solutions for all situations he faces. I highly recommend Robert and his abilities for work in the AEC Industry."

Angela Doyle (Dana), Technical Specialist

"Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert “I would highly recommend Rob, his knowledge of Revit and his strategy for providing training is exceptional. I hired Rob because of the training I have received from his previous employer. He has a great personality, is very thorough in his training methods."

Ed Struchowski

"Rob was a pleasure to work with. He is truly dedicated to supporting professionals with his technical knowledge and is an enthusiastic educator. He understands that people learn, not by watching, but by doing and has a unique way of meeting you where you are while encouraging you to grow and develop. We are very fortunate to have him working with us as our colleague, teacher and mentor."

Deb Gearty, Interior Designer

"Robert has worked with us at Tai Soo Kim Partners since approximately May, 2011. He is an expert in Revit and has been very helpful in implementing Revit 2012 in our office. He helped setting up several projects and updated our standards so the use of Revit was more streamlined. I enjoy working with him because of his expertise and he's easy to work with Sincerely MaryAnn C. Stino CAD Manager Tai Soo Kim Partners."

MaryAnn Stino, CAD Manager

"Besides being a joy to work with, Rob is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas to solve technical problems. Rob was a great informational resource in architectural rendering, texturing and animation. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization."

Anna Kulak, Graphic Designer

"Rob is a person dedicated to mastering and marshaling technology to produce high quality digital imaging and enhanced team work in the architectural environment. He has worked with members of our firm on a variety of projects and his attention to process, personnel and the details are top notch. He is, without question, focused on the optimum outcome for the team."

Holly DeYoung, Business Development

"I met Robert first with the Revit training sessions he was giving in Tai Soo Kim Partners. He is very knowledgeable in the BIM industry. Thanks to his classes and availability to promptly answer modelling questions, I was able to create my first BIM model in a week. His ability to figure out problems as well as introduce new methods and ideas was very helpful. I highly recommend Robert both as an instructor and as a co-worker."

Ozlem Caglar, Tai Soo Kim Partners

"As an architect at Tai Soo Kim Partners, it has been my pleasure to work with Rob on a number of architectural design projects using Revit as the documentation tool. Rob was instrumental in assuring the documentation of each and every project using Revit was flawless and in keeping with all our unique office standards. His knowledge of Revit and teaching techniques surpassed all my expectations and allowed myself and other colleagues to become more confident in using the software on our own. I would recommend Robert and feel that he would be an excellent candidate for any position requiring the use of Revit as an architectural, engineering or construction tool. Sincerely, Nathan Tuttle, AIA LEED AP BD+C"

Nathan Tuttle